Teriyaki Beef Jerky

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Teriyaki Jerky

For the moment, Teriyaki is our current numero uno product. People can’t get enough of the tangy, semi-sweet, luscious teriyaki beef jerky flavor. Sweet & Hot is coming in hot at a close second, so be prepared for another champ very soon.



$4.99 (2.0 Oz Bag)


Ingredients: Beef, Teriyaki Sauce (naturally brewed soy sauce [water, wheat, soybeans, salt], sugar, water, miring [sweet cooking rice wine], ginger, garlic, vinegar, dried onion, garlic powder, salt, xanthin gum, spices, Dark Brown Sugar, Sweet and Sour Sauce ( water, sugar, white vinegar, concentrated pineapple juice, modified corn starch, salt, dehydrated bell pepper, citric acid, paprika, oleoresin), Soy Sauce (hydrolyzed soy protein, water, salt, invert syrup, caramel color, citric acid, sodium benzoate), Steak Seasoning (salt, garlic, paprika, monosodium glutamate, calcium stearate, tenderizer [proteolytic enzyme derived from aspergillum flavus orzyae, papaya], propylene glycol, TBHQ, citric acid), Black pepper, Sodium Nitrite,

Allergens: contains soy and wheat

In the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries a pound of ginger was equivalent to the cost of a sheep. So don’t be sheepish, try out our featured product.
Rolling in jerky is not recommended. However, due to the shape of sugar crystals in brown sugar, it’s not as abrasive as salt making it an ideal exfoliant for use in beauty and body care products.
Teriyaki is actually a cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine. We’ve adapted it, Texas style.
Our Teriyaki Jerky is numero uno for the moment. The public has spoken, and Teriyaki has been named the reigning champ.

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