Star Wars is truly its own universe. You would be hard pressed to find something in everyday life that Star Wars has not in some way translated into its own universe. Beef Jerky is no exception. You might be surprised at what is turned into beef jerky in the Star Wars realms (sentient creatures). Check out the three different forms of Star Wars Jerky below.


Ewok Jerky

Yes, it’s true. These adorable looking rebel alliance humanoids make for a tasty bit of jerky. Of course, only beings from the outer world would indulge in such delicacies given that the ewoks are sentient beings, meaning they know exactly what is happening to them when they are being hunted.

This could be a part of the reason why these forest dwelling creatures have such a temper-mental nature.


Bantha Jerky

The banthas are very much the cows of Star Wars. As Texans, we at Smokie Pooh are very familiar with this sort of thing and consequentially, when we see a Bantha our mouths start to water.

Banthas are nomadic herbivores who travel in herds. Banthas even create a widely popular milk much similar to cows. In a deleted scene you can see Luke Skywalker pouring himself some of this tasty blue hued beverage.

The main difference between banthas and cows are their large signature herds and the ability to ride them. They even have tails like cows!


Tonitran Jerky

Only the hardcore Star Wars fans will know this one. Tonitran’s are large dinosaur like animals native to the planet Makeb. Makeb is an earth like planet that has hosted inhabitants such as the Mandalorians, who gave Star Wars Boba Fett.

It’s no wonder with such warrior like people they make jerky from dinosaurs. This type of jerky is probably similar to what us humans call alligator jerky.

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