The Best Damn Jerky in Texas!

A better way to snack.

The secret to our beef jerky recipe

Jorge (one of our founders and chief recipe developer) spent nearly a decade perfecting a recipe for the perfect blend of seasons, herbs and ingredients for the juiciest, tender and most flavorful beef jerky.

Coming from humble beginnings, blue collar worker and a jack of all trades, Jorge picked up skills such as plumbing, carpentry, contracting, hunting and working the oil fields since he began working at the age of 11. 

The secret to our recipe is a man gifted from a myriad of skills passed down from generation to generation using his talent to craft the perfect jerky in hopes of giving his family a better life.

Top 3 reasons why you should choose Smokie Pooh Beef Jerky

1.The jerky tastes incredible. Jorge (One of our two founders) has devised a recipe that has taken nearly ten years to perfect.

2.We’re consistent in our product. If your jerky is not what you expected or has any defects upon arrival, we will make it up to you by refunding or sending another packet as long as you send us a picture of the defected package.

3.We live in San Antonio Texas so we are a local small business if you live in Texas. We’re also veteran owned and operated.

See how easily you can get Jorge’s secret beef jerky recipe in your hands, then your stomach